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Parvaz Homay

Singer, composer, songwriter and leader of the Mastan group. Birthday 20 Bahman 1358, equal to February 9, 1980. Hometown: Ahmad Sar Gourab village Shaft city of Gilan province, his parents were farmer. Graduated to painting and graphic arts diploma from Kamal al-Molk school in Rasht From 1996 to 1999 Read More...

ParvazHomay official website

Mastan Group

To enter the Music world of Iran and performance of his songs and music, Homai established the group of Mastan in 2006 and at a very short time, by help of new subjects in poetry and different from music and the use of super-performers, performing at the Vahdat Hall and the Palace of Niavaran, he achieved a very high reputation and very soon for the performance of the grand concerts Read More...

ParvazHomay official website
Environmental protection campaign

We are worried about the Earth, about water and nature. We are the patron, preserver and guard of the earth. We are the patron, preserver and guard of water, the patron, preserver and guard of the wildlife, the patron, preserver and guard of nature. It is our pleasure, your companion to protect what is our serious concern and the great challenge of our world. We need your generous hands and your kind hearts to treat deep wounds of earth.

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Join the Environmental Protection Campaign

Our Wildlife and Natural Resources and Vegetarians Support Campaign invites all those who like to participate in our meetings and concerts and participate in our campaign. Become a member of our campaign, if you would like to inform of dates of our conferences


Parvaz Homay Concert in Urmia lake